Human Capital Initiative

Human Capital Initiative

The BCIT SITE Centre of Excellence undertakes prior learning related research and assessment activities which result in advanced placement education options for British Columbians.

The Centre’s mission is to:

[1]    Facilitate the recognition and transferability of education across a wide range of disciplines, the objective being to produce multi-disciplinary trained/skilled graduates who are valued by industry.

[2]  Recognize and measure non-traditional training and workplace experience, thereby facilitating advanced placement and credits within the post-secondary education system in British Columbia.

Economic value is created by employees who apply their competencies, knowledge, social and personality attributes, including creativity, to producing goods and services, to improving organizational and systems processes, and to finding and exploiting new opportunities.

The SITE Centre is able to provide a range of human capital related services with School of Business faculty who possess academic knowledge and practical industry experience in economics and human resource management.


• Undertaking personnel career interest and aptitude assessments
• Assessing the economic impact of business operations and education
• Identifying labour market shortages and surpluses
• Examining workforce retention issues and recommending proactive solutions
• Mapping Advanced Placement & Prior Learning (APPL) paths into post-secondary