What happens if I decide to change the project scope part way through?
Depending on whether the scope is reduced, or enlarged, a new project fee will be established. If the project scope has been reduced, any excess monies previously remitted will be reimbursed to you. In the case where the project scope has been enlarged, the additional fee amount will be established and this amount will need to be remitted to the SITE Centre prior to commencement of the additional work.

What happens if I decide to terminate a project part way to completion?
Should this be the case, you will be reimbursed for the uncompleted portion of the project work. For example, if the project entails 200 hours of work, and 100 hours of this work has been completed, your reimbursement will be fifty percent (50%) of the remitted amount.

When do I have to make payment for services?
A special trust account has been set up at BCIT for the purpose of receiving payments from clients. The full, agreed-upon project fees need to be remitted to this account in advance. If, for some reason, you decide not to proceed with the project, we will reimburse you in full.

How much does the SITE Centre applied research service cost?
As BCIT is a not-for-profit enterprise, a number of approaches are available to us. Depending upon the nature and complexity of the work to be performed, a project may be staffed differently. For example:
Relatively straight-forward projects can be incorporated as a student capstone course for a 2-3 person student team. A project, undertaken on such a basis would involve minimal-to-no cost to the client.

More complex projects which involve faculty and/or industry specialists and/or student/alumni research assistants will be charged “at cost” to the client.

Any surpluses which are accumulated by the SITE Centre, will be applied towards bursaries and scholarships for BCIT School of Business students.

Purchase of subscription-only data, essential non-local travel and any other incidental project-related expenses are in addition to the quoted consulting fees and as such, are the responsibility of the client. No such expenses will be incurred without prior consultation of, and approval by, the client. Please note, such incidental services need to purchased directly by the client on behalf of the SITE Centre project team.

How long will a SITE Centre project take?
A firm time-line will be established as part of the project planning process. As a minimum, a project will take two months to complete. More comprehensive/complex projects may take three or four months.

Can I view research reports of particular interest to me?
If we have permission to release the report of interest to you, we will be pleased to provide you with an electronic copy. All you need to do is contact the SITE Centre and discuss your requirements with us.

Will reports covering work undertaken by the SITE Centre on my behalf be accessible by the general public?
Absolutely not! The project outputs are your property and as such, will only be released to third parties with your permission. An electronic (backup) copy of the report will be archived on the SITE Centre database, which is access-restricted to SITE Centre management only, via a special log-in and password.