FIEP Discussion

FIEP Discussion

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04 Jul 2013

Fred Mandl and Filipe Cassapo, Executive Director, Center for Innovation (C2i), Parana, Brazil, discussed the status of the existing joint venture between BCIT, Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Parana (PUC PR), and FIEP/C2i.  Mr. Cassapo was advised that Meridian Fuel Technologies Ltd, who sponsored the first joint venture project involving BCIT & PUC PR students, is currently engaged in a restructuring process, and action on establishing a venture in Brazil has, as a result been deferred indefinitely.

Several other project opportunities potentially of interest to Brazil were presented by Fred, notably:

  • Biocube biodiesel production using waste or virgin vegetable oil
  • Langtech waste fruit processing technology for tropical fruits
  • Coral Hill (Calgary) oil reservoir recapture
  • Bagasse (sugar cane residual) processing into textiles
  • Innovative Food Systems Corp fruit/vegetable packaging technology

Mr. Cassapo indicated that, while all presented opportunities were of direct interest to C2i, the top priority for C2i was BioCube, and a plan of action should be developed with respect to undertaking a market potential study, involving PUC PR and BCIT students.  Fred raised the issue of funding of such a project, as Biocube has indicated funding would not be immediately forthcoming from them, due to other financial commitments that they have at this time. Mr. Cassapo advised that he would be exploring options in Brazil for such funding.

Pertaining to future projects, C2i would assist the market potential study groups by providing access to information and companies. If subsequently, serious consideration is given by a company to enter the Brazilian market, C2i would source venture partners, capital, and facilitate the establishment of a Brazilian business entity.


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